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Subject: GROWING UP IN THE VALLEY - 5Saturday morning was an important day in our house. Dad always worked the
evening shift during the week. He was never there for me in the evenings
and he was always still asleep when I left for school. Saturday morning
breakfast was family get together time. Mom was a great cook and the meal
was always sumptuous. These many years later I can still close my eyes and
smell the bacon, the fried mushroom and the zucchini.After the russian crossdress last scrap of food had vanished we would all spend time
conversing about the week that was. Dad always made a point of spending
some of the table time with me. He usually began by asking how school went
and I would return with a less than earth shattering assessment such as,
"It was okay I guess." Then russian passwords he would turn to the more important topics
such as my latest adventure in the valley. He would ask how the Indian
hunting was going. Had I found Geronimo or Sitting Bull yet? Never once
did he make fun of my fantasies. fucking russian girls When I told him about the rattlesnake he
was as excited as I was.This time I told him about my new friends and the secret fort. Dad said
that he had similar adventures when he was my age. Of course I didn't tell
him about the sex. In fact the subject of sex in our house was strictly
forbidden. I couldn't imagine my parents having sex. I figured they had
bought me at a store or something.It was eleven o'clock by the time I had cleared the table and helped mom
with the dishes. Dad had announced that we were going on a family picnic
on Sunday. No matter. There was still lots of time to see the guys in the
valley.I had no idea what kind of schedule any of the club members kept on a
Saturday. It didn't bother me though. If the fort was empty I planned to
spend some time in the frog pond. There was an elusive turtle there that I
had been trying to snag for ages.As I approached the fort I could hear muffled voices. The turtle would
have to wait."Anybody here?" I called out.Steve and Matt climbed out into the sunshine. When Matt saw who it was he
smiled broadly. "Oh hi Kevin. Glad you could make it. C'mon in. We're
looking at some secret stuff today."I recognized xxx nude russian girls the russian youths naked difference in Matt's attitude immediately. He was
genuinely happy to see me. There was no talk of torture or tying me up. I
guessed that the blow job had a lot russian prepubescent girl
to do with it. His demeanour gave me
more confidence with them. I found my voice.We climbed down single file into the fort and we seated ourselves in a
semicircle on the cardboard. As my eyes adjusted to the light I realized
there was an opened magazine spread on the cardboard before us. A big
boobed woman was on all fours. She was holding a gigantic cock, the
biggest I had ever seen. Her mouth was open and it looked like that
somehow she was about to swallow the massive organ. The picture gave me an
instant hard on. I'd never seen the likes of russian tgp free pics it before."Jesus!" I marvelled."Yeah I know," Matt agreed, "Look at the size of that guy's cock!""I russian uncut boys
like what she's doing to him!" Steve enthused. "I can just feel my cock
in her mouth. Fuck russian boys nud
it has to feel good!"Matt turned to me and remarked, "One day Kevin you are going to have a cock
as big as that guys."I was totally surprised by his statement. I turned and looked at Matt and
commented, "Do you mean that my cock is going to get bigger than it is
now?""Of nude russian women
course," he grinned, "You are going to have a fucking monster wang."I inadvertently reached down and groped myself pondering the possibilities.
"I sure hope so!" I told him.Meanwhile Steve was turning the page with one hand while massaging his
crotch with the other. "Look at xxx nude russian girls that wet pussy. I can't wait to fuck a
cunt like that!"As I released my hand from the front of my pants Matt jumped in to replace
it. I discretely lowered my fly as a positive sign that I loved his
attention. Moments later I felt his bare fingers wrap around my shaft.Matt turned his face to look at the object of Steve's attention. He cried,
"Ugh, that's gross.!"Steve by now was rocking his hips back and forth on the cardboard russian tgp free pics
in a
simulated fuck. "No way man. No way. I can just feel my cock sliding in
and out of her pussy."I secretly agreed with Matt. I was more interested in admiring the cock
that was pointing at the woman's cunt. It was almost as big as the cock in
the previous picture. I tried to imagine myself with such a weapon.By now Matt had procured my organ from its confines. He propped himself up
on one elbow and began to pump at a steady pace.I purred, "Ooooh that feels pretty good!"Matt grinned and kept pumping.Steve turned the page and his jaw dropped a little. "Look at all the cum
that guy can make." He had extracted his own russian tgp free pics member and was quietly abusing
himself as he continued to stare at the pictures.In the meanwhile I continued a quiet conversation with Matt. "I can make
it really tickle now," I announced proudly."Yeah?" he responded, "But you can't make cum yet huh?""Hey Kevin," Steve interrupted, "Matt says you sucked him off the other
day. Did you?""Uh huh," I agreed."Ohhh shit!" he moaned. "I gotta get me some of that. Will you do me too
Kevin?"I really didn't mind doing it again. I could always learn something new.
Besides I wanted to see Steve up close. I had seen enough to know he was
smaller than Matt so I guessed that I could handle him. "Sure. russian lol I guess,"
I agreed.With that he didn't hesitate. Pushing his pants down around his ankles he
waddled over on his knees positioning himself beside my head. As my head
was propped against the wall of the fort he was able to point his cock to
within an inch of my russian pussy 16
lips."Here take it," he demanded.Steve's cock was about three and a half inches long. Like Matt, Jerry and
everyone who's picture had appeared in the magazine, his cock head was
bare. If he had a bush I didn't see it. It did have a marked upward
curve.When I opened my mouth to accommodate him Steve didn't pause. He rammed it
in to the hilt. I could feel it strike my palate and then rub back towards
my throat. The entry hurt me a little but as I expected my mouth could
handle him. At least initially I could."Oh shit. oh yeahhh, ohhh that feels fucking great!" he screamed.I grasped him at the base with one hand and began to methodically massage
his helmet."Oh yeahhhhh!" Steve screamed again. He was now beyond the point of any
self control. He grabbed my head with a hand on each side russian girl blog and pushed
quickly with his hips. The head of his cock slammed up against my palate
again."Yes!" he screamed. He partially withdrew only to plunge forward once more
accompanied with another sharp cry of ecstasy. He repeated his action over
and over getting faster and faster. My mouth was getting sore."Steve, you're fucking him like a rabbit. Take it easy,: Matt suggested.Steve was far beyond taking any advice. He knew he had to get off and in
his mind this was the best way to do it. He took one final mighty plunge,
his cock almost reaching my throat. I could feel burst after burst of cum
strike the back of my mouth."OHHHH FUCK!" he uttered at the top of his lungs. He collapsed over me so
that the base of his stomach was flattening my nose.I uttered a muffled complaint and he rolled off of me and lay panting
beside me."Oh what a feeling!" Steve gushed, "I need you to give me a blow job every
day Kevin."I knew he meant it and frankly I wasn't sure I could handle him. My mouth
was still sore."Arnie and Jim nude kids russian should be here in about an hour," Steve announced, "I don't
know if Jim wants to get sucked off. He's a bit of a pussy but I know
Arnie does. He told me he couldn't wait to get one."I decided I could wait. Arnie was free russian porn pic allegedly the russian puffy nipple tgp best endowed in the entire
gang. It was about the size of mine they had said. After xxx pic russian the trouble I
had with Matt's I couldn't see how I russian foot fetish could possibly handle him. russian smut films Besides if
he acted like Steve who knew what damage he might cause."Why don't you get sucked off Matt? It was just like you said. It was
fucking great!""Nah," Matt replied, "I already jerked off twice today. Maybe later when
Arnis gets here."Thankful that Matt didn't want immediate attention, I groaned inwardly
thinking of both Arnie and Matt awaiting their turn to get serviced.Matt had stopped playing with me to watch Steve get his blow job. Now he
turned his attention back to me. "Do you want me to get you off?" he
smiled quietly.I nodded my head up and down.Matt grasped my shaft below the glans and went to pumping furiously. Steve
became the voyeur and I lay back luxuriating in the feeling. It wasn't
long before I experienced the strongest ticklish feeling yet. I cried out
my pleasure and Matt knew enough to stop.As I lay there in the afterglow I realized that all of my sexual energy was
gone. I now had even less desire to service anyone else that day. I just
wanted to get out of there. I began pulling my pants up as I spoke, "I
gotta go home. We're having company over this evening.""But what about Arnie?" Matt reminded me, russian beatiality porn "He'll be here soon.""I gotta go," I insisted, "And I can't be here tomorrow either. I promise
I'll be here Monday. Tell Arnie Mother daughter lesbian russian I'll suck him then.""I'll want one too," Steve interjected.I climbed out of the valley wondering how I could possibly do them Oral russian all on
the same day.By Monday I had steeled myself to my fate. I knew I wanted Matt to jack me
off again. Hell, I thought he might even give me a blow job. If I had to
suck them all off to get it then so be it. As I arrived ready for the
debauchery I got the shock of my young life. Someone had wantonly and
totally destroyed the fort. nude girl russian 11
The lattice work was strewn all over the side
of the hill. Even the edge of the gay russian scam walls had been stomped on causing debris
to partially fill the depression. There free pics porn russian was no sign of my friends.I checked every day that week and then the week after that. The weeks
turned into months. They had vanished!
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